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We offer a whole host of curated tours, here’s just a sample of the types of inspiration tours we can provide.


The Flagship Tour


There’s a significant move to flagship store strategies right now, amongst pure play retailers launching their bricks and mortar offering and traditional retailers looking to create a beacon for their brand. Our flagship tour will take you to the very latest flagships across the country – and Europe too if you have the time.


The Boutique Tour


Britain is famed for its entrepreneurial streak and being a nation of shopkeepers. Come with us on a tour of the most inspiring and creative happenings in the world of boutiques – from groups of theatrical friends creating a retail space that feels like a gathering you would hate to miss to high-end lux. We can show you the best of the UK’s boutiques and their own particular way of doing things differently.


The Experience Tour


‘Experience’ is a word that’s been used a lot in retail for a long time, but the stakes are now raised. With so much shopping taking place online, bricks and mortar retailing is often carving out its new place in the world – and that can be very experiential. It can also sometimes involve radically different approaches to fundamentals like what the role of the store space actually is; e.g. to sell or to provide a creative story-telling platform for brands e.g. ‘& Other Stories’ in the capital’s Regent Street.


The Digital Tour


You can probably list lots of examples of poor and unimpressive failed attempts at incorporating digital in to the store environment. Frozen screens and broken equipment spring to mind? Well that’s a fair observation but there are also some fantastic innovations taking place that give a whole different insight in to the realms of possibility and how shoppers can embrace and naturally incorporate digital in to their shopping experience. Let us take you to the very best in digital retailing and shopping experiences.


The Personalisation Tour


Personalisation or mass-customisation, call it what you will. The beginnings of this movement have been around for some time – it has an obvious appeal, but harnessing shopper enthusiasm, technical abilities and retailing prowess have been stumbling blocks. That’s all set to change though with a new wave of thinking from new thinking disrupting the status quo. We’ll take you to the very best examples of a whole new way of retailing and meeting shoppers desires.


The Northwest Tour


Based in the Northwest and tight for time? No problem, we can arrange an excellent tour local to you. The Northwest is host to a range of flagship stores and new openings with the latest concepts. We can, for example, cover Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and Preston in a day and cover a range of audiences, sectors and an array of the latest techniques in shopper engagement and experience.


Example Inspiration Tour – Sharps Bedrooms

The Sharps Bedroom team were looking for a quick injection of insight and inspiration – to help keep abreast of the very latest trends and happenings in showroom environments and shopping ‘experiences’. In an energetic day around the capital we took inspiration from a variety of sectors, different styles of shops and various audiences – delivering an abundance of ideas for the team to take back to head office.

What We Offer

Who are the inspiration tours for?

Our inspiration tours are for any brand sold via retail channels or retailers – anyone with an interest in quickly getting abreast of the latest trends and insights in retail and shopping. You may be a member of the marketing team wanting a quick injection of inspiration from the latest trends or the Marketing Director looking to inspire your whole team with real-life examples of innovation. Or maybe you have insight and innovation responsibilities and you are looking to make this year’s new product development process kick off with added excitement. Whatever your needs and requirements we will have or be able to create the perfect tour to suit you.

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